People are learning that smudging can clear negative energy in a space or cleanse and purify the body and mind of negative energies. The really exciting news is that science has now determined that the smoldering sage actually kills bacteria and releases negative ions!  This report entitled “Medicinal Smokes” and published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology states that 94% of bacteria was removed from a room where sage was burned and was undetectable the next day.  Even more incredible, most forms were still absent after 30 days!

Makes you want to get a bundle of sage and get at it, doesn’t it?

Negative ions, that the smoke produced help to destroy bacteria and bind with positive ions to help reduce irritants and calm our nerves.  They also neutralize the negative effects of all those electronics you’ve got in the house.  Negative ions occur naturally, near waterfalls for instance, which is probably why you feel so relaxed near them.  Negative ions are amazing!

How to Smudge – You need a sage smudge stick, a dish (to catch embers!) and a feather… or you can use your hand. The smoke purifies the air and the negative ions help you feel lighter, brighter and more relaxed. Before starting open a door or window to allow air to circulate.  Then light the end of the stick and blow out the flame, leaving it smoldering.  Holding the bundle by the non-burning end walk around your space, gently fanning the smoke around the room and into all the corners using the feather or your hand. You may want to hold a small dish under the burning end.

Smudging will also clear your personal energy while you’re cleansing your home! You can also focus your energy and thoughts on what kind of change you’d like in your life.  A new job or relationship? More money or time to relax?  The changing energy creates opportunity for positive energy and events to occur, not just in your space, but in your life.